How to Properly Plank, Why You Should Try the 30 Day Plank Challenge

30 day plank challenge

“Planking” is more than just a trend from 2010.

It is a fitness move that works the entire body and can help you get in shape.

This article will teach you how to plank, why you should plank, and how to get started on the 30 day plank challenge.

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How Should I Plank?

If you’re going to start incorporating planks into your fitness regimen, it’s important you maintain proper form.

To plank correctly you should stack your wrists directly beneath your shoulders. Try not to lock out your arms and keep a slight bend in your elbow.

Your legs should be spread comfortable but no more than six inches apart.

Be sure to keep your body in a straight line for the duration of your plank. If your hips start to sag, you’re doing it wrong.

Your body should be rigid and taut, like a plank. You should be able to have a toddler sit on your back with how flat of a line your body is making.

Start by doing a plank for 10 seconds and see how you feel. As you get comfortable with it, you can increase the amount of time you hold your planks.

Here’s a Visual for Beginners

Why Should I Plank?

If at this point in the article you’re wondering why you’d want to hold your body in a flat line for multiple seconds, don’t worry, we have answers for you.

Planks are amazing for your entire body. When you do a plank correctly you’re exercising virtually every muscle group.

Your biceps and triceps are working to support your arms. Your shoulders and lateral muscles are working to support your back. Your abs and obliques are working to support your midsection. Finally, your quads and glutes are working to support your legs.

Doing planks will help you get that defined waistline you’ve been searching for.

Planks also become cardiovascular exercises when you hold them long enough. When you hold a plank beyond thirty seconds you’ll feel your heart kick into high gear in order to provide blood and oxygen to your whole body.

When Should I Plank?

Now that you’ve learned how to plank and why you should plank, it’s time to talk about how to incorporate planking into your daily routine.

When you decide to do your planks will depend on what type of person you are. If you’re a night owl, you may benefit from doing your planks immediately before bed. If you’re an early riser, do them first thing after you wake up.

To ensure you stick with planking, try a 30-day planking challenge. The schedule of the challenge will hold you accountable and keep you motivated.

Try the 30 Day Plank Challenge Today

30-Day plank challenge
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Now You’ve Learned How to Plank

This article has laid out the groundwork for you on how you should be planking.

Now it’s your turn to get on the ground yourself and see how planking can change your body and your life.

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