10 Surprising Baby Powder Uses You Never Knew

baby powder uses

Isn’t it fun when you find out there are other uses for products besides what it’s marketed as? Like how you can use dental floss when you don’t have any string?

Or how baking soda can be used when you run out of deodorant? Well, the same is true for baby powder.

Brilliant Baby Powder Uses

But did you know that there are at least 10 uses for baby powder? Check out these amazing ways you can use baby powder, even if you don’t have a baby.

1.) Dry Shampoo

No time to hop in the shower? No problem, one of the best uses for baby powder is using it as a dry shampoo.

Simply sprinkle some onto your hair and it instantly wicks away the grease and leaves you with a much fresher feeling.

2.) Keeping the Ants Away

No one likes ants, whether they’re in your home or if you’re trying to enjoy an outdoor picnic. One way to avoid them is to use baby powder.

Just sprinkle around doors and cracks if you’re at home or around your blanket if you’re outdoors. You’ll keep them away.

Try these remedies if you have spiders.

3.) Cooling Your Bed Down

Perfect for those hot summer nights. Simply sprinkle some baby powder into your bed before you sleep.

It’ll smell great and help absorb the moisture. Best of all, it’ll help keep your bed cool while you sleep.

4.) Removing Grease Stains

Grease stains are the worst. Now they don’t have to ruin your favorite outfits.

Simply rub the baby powder into the stain and the brush off. Repeat and then wash as you normally would.

If you’re out of baby powder, try Coca-Cola.

5.) Helps Bulbs From Rotting

Not only will baby powder help prevent a bulb from rotting, but you’ll also keep the pests at bay. Simply put some powder and the bulbs in a plastic bag and shake before you plant.

6.) Freshens Up Your Clothing

Ever notice that not-so-fresh smell your clothing has after they’ve spent a season sitting in a drawer? Not to worry, sprinkling in some baby powder will have them all smelling fresh and ready for wearing.

7.) Helps Ease the Pain of Waxing

Sprinkling some baby powder on the parts you’re planning on waxing before applying the wax will help protect the skin and absorb moisture. It’ll even reduce redness.

8.) Preventing Sand From Sticking

While I love the beach, I don’t like coming home covered in sand. When you bring baby powder with you, you don’t have to.

Just put some on your feet, hands, and anywhere else the sand is sticking to you and it’ll wick away the moisture to make the sand fall off.

9.) Stops Floorboards from Creaking

No one likes the sound of a creaking floorboard and now no one has to. Simply place some baby powder into the cracks and the noise will go away.

10.) Making Sure Your Deodorant Doesn’t Fail

There’s nothing worse than your deodorant failing. When you apply baby powder after your deodorant, it won’t.

Uses For Baby Powder: Wrap Up

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Written by Cary Byrd

Cary Byrd, owner of is on a mission to help people feel better using natural remedies and making wise choices into healthier lives, they love (and truly desire).

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