8 Early Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency That Most People Ignore

calcium deficiency symptoms

Are you suffering from a calcium deficiency?

Not getting enough calcium in your diet can lead to some dire consequences. When your body isn’t getting enough calcium, there are many symptoms you may start to notice.

Below, we’ll look at some of the primary signs and dangers you may notice if your levels drop too low.

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1.) Leg Cramps

If you’ve been getting a lot of leg cramps, a lack of calcium may be the source of your pain. Cramping in the calves, hamstrings, or quads during the night is a common sign of a lack of calcium.

If you’re experiencing a lot of leg cramping, make sure that you’ve been getting enough calcium.

2.) Memory Loss

Another neurological danger you may face if you’re not getting enough calcium is memory loss. Without calcium, neurotransmitters will have trouble being released.

A serious calcium deficiency can not only lead to memory loss but can also cause hallucinations and mental confusion as well.

3.) Humped Posture

A common osteoporosis sign, a humped or stooped posture can also be a signal that your body is not getting enough calcium. This occurs because a lack of calcium in your body, which can make the bones in your body weaker.

Humped posture may also be accompanied by pain in the back or in the neck.

4.) Difficulty Sleeping

An insufficient amount of calcium may also be the reason you’re having trouble sleeping at night. Calcium and melatonin levels rise when you’re sleeping, but if you have a calcium deficiency you may have difficulty achieving a deep sleep.

If you find that you’ve been sleeping poorly, or not at all, you may need to get your calcium levels checked.

5.) Dry Skin or Psoriasis

An extended amount of time of not getting enough calcium can lead to skin that is dry and itchy. You may also notice your skin becoming more coarse.

Additionally, once your skin becomes dry or itchy, you may begin experiencing symptoms of psoriasis or eczema.

6.) Brittle & Peeling Nails

Along with your teeth, your nails also store up calcium in your body.

If you aren’t getting enough from other sources, your body may start pulling calcium from your nails. This can lead to your nails seeming particularly brittle. They can also start peeling.

7.) Cavities & Tooth Decay

Believe it or not, having more cavities than usual can be a major sign of a calcium deficiency.

When you’re not getting enough calcium, your body starts to look for calcium in other ways. As a result, your body may start to pull from your teeth. This can lead to an abnormal amount of cavities.

8.) Seizures Due to a Calcium Deficiency

Seizures can also be a result of low calcium. Because calcium plays such a huge role in helping the neurotransmitter functions and muscle contractions in your body, a lack of calcium can lead to seizures.

Even healthy people who have never experienced seizures before can begin to experience seizures without enough calcium.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been experiencing the symptoms above, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you need more calcium. But it’s a great idea to get your calcium levels checked out, just in case.

Make sure to get enough calcium in your diet and eat the right foods, and you’ll be sure to avoid problems down the road.

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