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killer arm workout
Nearly 4 out of 5 Americans don't exercise enough. A busy schedule makes it nearly impossible to get to the gym regularly. As a result, your arms probably aren't as defined as you would like. But a killer arm workout doesn't require a gym membership. To achieve noticeable results, all you need is a pair of dumbbells. Let's take look at a...
home remedies for shoulder pain
Are you dealing with shoulder pain you just can't seem to kick? Is it holding you back from your daily joys or getting in your way at work? The shoulder joint is the most complex joint in the human body. Because of its delicate intricacies, it is common to experience pain or lack of mobility in the shoulder. These home remedies...
is diet soda bad for you
Whether your doctor has told you to lose a few pounds, or if you've realized you're not as healthy as you once were, you've finally decided to start a diet. The good news, you think? Thanks to the "diet version" of some of your favorite foods, you'll still be able to eat chips, enjoy ranch dressing, and most of all, drink soda. Though...

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