How to Use Coconut Oil for Tooth Pain

coconut oil for tooth pain

The wonders of nature never cease to amaze us. Home remedies can cure everything from the common cold to a stiff neck. They can even serve as household cleaners, saving us from the dangers of harmful chemicals.

It takes a little bit of time and research to come to know which tea leaf energizes us and which one calms us.

Likewise, it’ll take a little bit of research to figure out how to make a homemade lemon cleaner and how to brew ginger tea for that cold the kids brought home from school.

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But, in the name of greater overall health, it’s all worth it. And who knew nature could even dull one of the worst pains – tooth pain?

Indeed, coconut oil for tooth pain is the answer to this common concern. No harsh chemicals, no prescription-strength medicine, just nature.

Ready to learn how to make this natural oil work for you!

The Time Old Practice of Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a timeless practice that pulls bacteria out of the mouth, promoting greater oral health.

It takes on a “like dissolves like” approach, proving that coconut oil has the ability to cut through the plaque in our mouth. Moreover, this remedy can eliminate bacteria that cause bad breath and cavities.

Think of it like the dish soap we use to clean our dirty dishes.

It sucks food particles up and off those dinner plates while we scrub with the sponge. Similarly, coconut oil sucks bacteria up and off our teeth and gums.

All you need is a high-quality organic oil. This can be a food grade oil. The same coconut oil that you pan seared your fish in last night can also be used for the highly efficient practice of oil pulling.

Coconut Oil for Tooth Pain

Coconut oil targets Streptococcus Mutans bacteria. This is the bacteria responsible for painful cavities.

Even if you’ve just started to feel the pangs of a cavity, oil pulling can still remove the root cause of your pain – the bacteria where it all began.

Until you’re able to see your dentist, take a small amount of coconut oil and massage it onto the tooth and the surrounding gum that’s pulsing with pain.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Oral Health

Here’s how to master the art of oil pulling to maintain greater overall health before, during, and after your experience with tooth pain:

  • Measure out one to two teaspoons of coconut oil
  • Swish it in your mouth for 20 minutes
  • Spit it back out into a trash can
  • Rinse with warm water
  • Brush your teeth

Sounds simple, isn’t it?

Some Notes

The amount of time you swish around the solution in your mouth is important.

In Dr. Fife’s book, Oil Pulling Therapy, we learn that 20 minutes is the sweet spot. This is enough time to break through any plaque or bacteria in our mouth, but not long enough to allow the body to reabsorb the bacteria.

Also, be sure to spit the solution into the trash can and not down the drain. You’re asking for clogged drains if you do this with frequency and send that oily solution down the drain.

Rinse out your mouth with warm water, not cool water, as it tends to clean better. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, feel free to rinse with warm salt water too.

Let’s Get Natural!

In a world full of toxins and harmful chemicals, why not use as many natural remedies as we can? It starts with herbal teas and continues with many surprising uses for coconut oil.

Isn’t it reassuring to know that many of the ingredients already present in our homes can be total body remedies? Together, let’s continue this journey through nature toward a healthier, happier, and more balanced overall environment!

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Written by Cary Byrd

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