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10 Genius Reasons Why You Should Keep Frozen Lemons Around

frozen lemons

Lemons are an amazing superfood.

Not only do they contain antioxidants to wage war on free radicals, but their anti-microbial properties fight off bacterial infections, fungi, and even internal parasites.

You can even use them to ease earache pain.

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Obviously, keeping lemons around is a good idea. But did you know you can buy a huge bag of fresh lemons and pop some in the freezer?

After all, frozen lemons provide the same benefits as those that haven’t been frozen.

Keeping Frozen Lemons Makes Perfect Sense

They won’t go bad and they’re always available when you need them.

Read on to learn the many benefits having lemons around, and you’ll see how simple it is to make these healthy frozen fruits a part of your regular diet.

1.) Vitamin C

Most of us know that Vitamin C helps to fight against colds and the flu. But did you know that it also neutralizes those free radicals that age us?

2.) Versatility

When you set out to freeze your lemons, try freezing them in halves so you can easily grate them. Then you can sprinkle the frozen grated lemon into salads, yogurt or even ice cream.

Or add it to rice and noodle dishes, or soup – without having to cook the lemons which reduces the Vitamin C.

3.) Great for Drinks

Next time a cocktail or fresh drink calls for lemon juice, try this instead.

Pour fresh lemon juice into ice trays with other healthy additions like a raspberry or a mint leaf, for example. Then you’ll have a quick and mess-free when making those drinks.

You can even use them to cool down a hot cup of tea.

4.) Power of the Peel

Since frozen lemons are firm enough to be grated into food, you can use every part of the fruit. And that’s great because, in terms of health benefits, the skin contains a concentration of them.

5.) Saves You Money

Unless you have lemon trees growing in your backyard, it can get expensive to buy lemons when they’re out of season.

By purchasing many of them when they’re on special, you’re going to save money in the long run. And a frozen lemon will last three to four months in the freezer.

6.) Lowering Alkalinity

Do you experience acid reflux, sensitive gums and mouth ulcers, fatigue and/or nervousness? It could be that you’re suffering from body acidity.

Drinking water with lemon is the best and easiest way to alkalize your body. And with frozen lemons, you have more control as to how much you add to the water.

7.) Help from Limonoids

Limonoids are phytochemicals that are abundant in citrus fruits like lemons.

Scientists in northern California are studying limonoids and have discovered in laboratory tests, citrus limonoids have been shown to help fight cancers of the mouth, lung, breast, skin, stomach and colon.

8.) Repair Through Collagen

While Vitamin C fights free radicals, it’s also essential for producing collagen. And collagen is vital in healing our bodies – as it helps them to form new bone, blood vessels, and tendons.

9.) Instant-Iced Lemon Water

Ditch the ice cubes.

Instead, cut your lemons into small chunks before freezing and then you can toss some into your water to give it a great lemony chill.

10.) Fewer Calories and Less Sugar

Sure, you can get your Vitamin C from oranges. But lemons have just as much.

Plus, lemons have about 29 calories and 2.9 grams of sugar per 100 grams of fruit. Oranges, on the other hand, have 47 calories and 9.4 grams of sugar per 100 grams of fruit.

Stock Your Freezer!

Chuck some lemons in there and start taking advantage of having frozen lemons whenever you need them.

It’s a simple and effective way to do something good for yourself!

If you have other great advice about freezing lemons, share with us in the comments section below!

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Written by Cary Byrd

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