These 7 Reliable Gas and Bloating Remedies Will Help You Get Relief Now

gas and bloating remedies

Whether you suffer from a food allergy, a gastrointestinal problem, an autoimmune disorder like celiac disease, or you simply ate something you shouldn’t have, gas and bloating can strike at any time.

If you’re looking for a quick solution to deal with gas—that isn’t embarrassing—read on. We’ve collected our top seven gas and bloating remedies to help you get out of a tense situation.

Seven Gas and Bloating Remedies to Help You Find Relief

If you find yourself suffering from chronic bloating—and you don’t have an underlying medical condition—it may be time to start a food journal.

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Take a few moments before each meal to jot down what you eat and drink, and then note how you felt afterward. This can help you pinpoint the gas-causing foods and eliminate them from your diet.

In the meantime, we’ve collected seven reliable gas and bloating remedies that can help you get relief now.

1.) Take a Walk

A short walk after a meal can get your intestines moving, cutting down on that bloated feeling. If you’re out with friends when gas strikes, suggest a brisk stroll.

2.) Eat Raw Fruit

Some raw fruit can help reduce bloating, like blackberries, blueberries, peaches, and grapefruit.

Just be sure to avoid sugary fruits, like pears, apples, and mangoes. High amounts of fructose can actually worsen gas.

3.) Try Yellow Mustard

This is possibly our least tasty remedy, but many swear by the power of yellow mustard to reduce gas. Consuming between 1 tsp and 1 tbs of yellow mustard can help relieve your bloating instantly.

The taste naturally promotes salivation, which helps your digestion. Mustard also contains turmeric, which has powerful anti-inflammation properties.

4.) Carry Medicinal Help

Beano and Lactaid are effective over-the-counter solutions to reduce gas and bloating.

If you’ve found that certain vegetables cause bloating, Beano is a good choice. If dairy products are to blame for your discomfort, try Lactaid.

5.) Watch What You Drink

Bubbly drinks are notorious for causing bloating. If you’re feeling a bit off after sipping a soda or beer, it’s time to switch to another drink.

Even the temperature of your drink may matter. Opt for room temperature beverages for the best benefit.

6.) Try Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is another inexpensive over-the-counter remedy you can carry with you.

Doctors traditionally used this to treat poisoning. This is because the pores in the charcoal can trap chemicals to prevent them from spreading throughout your body.

That can help trap gas-causing enzymes, too.

7.) Try a Cup of Herbal Tea

Several varieties of herbal tea have the power to soothe your GI tract. Try one of these varieties for relief:

Even lemon—which has plenty of other health benefits—squeezed in a cup of hot water may help relieve your symptoms.

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