The Many Benefits of Becoming a Left Side Sleeper

When it comes to improving your overall health, the way you sleep matters.

You have several different positions to choose from.

Many sleepers lay on their stomachs or stretch out their backs. You might curl up in the fetal position–which some researchers call an “instinctive position“–or stretch out like a starfish.

If you’re not doing it already, you should be sleeping on your side. Here are the reasons why you need to become a side sleeper.

The Benefits of Being a Left Side Sleeper

When it comes to becoming a side sleeper, both sides are not created equal. Sleeping on your left side offers many more benefits than sleeping on your right.

Here’s why you should be sleeping on your left side every night.

It Stops Snoring

This may be a bigger benefit for your significant other, but sleeping on your left side can improve your airflow and alleviate snoring.

That’s in contrast to sleeping on your back, which can actually worsen snoring and aggravate conditions like sleep apnea.

It Can Alleviate Heartburn

Several studies have found that sleeping on your left side can actually reduce the symptoms of heartburn. Sleeping on your right side can worsen the uncomfortable effects.

This could be because a left side position helps ensure stomach acids don’t travel through your esophageal sphincter and cause discomfort.

It’s Beneficial for Your Spine

Sleeping on your left side can help reset your spine’s natural alignment. That could help undo a lot of the damage caused by hunching over a keyboard for eight hours each day.

Sleeping on your stomach, however, is one of the worst positions for your back. This pose leaves your spine unsupported and introduces an unnatural curve. Long-term, it can add to back pain.

It Improves Your Brain’s Health

In the same way your sleeping position affects your lymphatic health, it can impact your brain’s functioning, too.

Your brain drains waste materials during sleep. A 2015 study found that sleeping on your side can aid that process, keeping your brain healthier for longer.

It Can Help Speed Up Digestion

Sleeping in this position can help move food through your digestive system faster.

That’s because gravity can help nudge things through your large intestines. This position also allows your pancreas and stomach to hang in their natural position.

It Help Improve your Lymphatic Health

The organs and tissues of your lymphatic system are responsible for waste drainage in your body. Your spleen, which is located on your left, plays a big part in making sure your system works properly.

Sleeping on your left allows your spleen to stay in its natural position, which helps it work more efficiently.

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