The 23 Best Listerine Uses of All Time

listerine uses

Listerine was invented in 1879 by Joseph Lawrence and was to be used as a powerful antiseptic in surgeries and bathing wounds. It was named after Joseph Lister, a pioneer of antiseptic surgery.

From the 1930s – 1950s it has been marketed and used as a floor cleaner, for feminine hygiene, cure for bad breath, infectious dandruff, and even gonorrhea!

uses for Listerine

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If you’ve got a bottle of Listerine sitting under your bathroom sink, check out some of these amazing, alternative ways that you can use Listerine—and maybe even save yourself some money too!

1.) Heal Bruises

To stop the flow of blood from a bruise and make it heal faster, just apply some Listerine on the wound.

2.) Screen Cleaner

To get clear television or computer screens, dampen soft cloth in Listerine and gently use it to wipe the screens

3.) Kill Foot Germs

To kill toenail fungus and stop athlete’s foot all you need to do is soak your feet in Listerine.

4.) Ease Toothache

When you rub Listerine on a tooth that is sweet or aching, the alcohol will help to prevent any infection while the menthol will ease away the pain.

5.) Laundry Booster

To give more power to your cleaning powder, just add one cup of Listerine to your laundry. This will make your ordinary cleaning detergent and washer better

6.) First Aid for Cuts

Scrapes and cuts you get while playing can be disinfected using Listerine. Before covering with a clean bandage, first apply Listerine using a ball of cotton.

7.) Treatment for Lice

If your kids have brought home lice from school, use a shower cap to cover their head after soaking their hair in Listerine. Leave for 2 hours and then was normally.

8.) Remedy for Itching

Listerine can soothe the itchiness caused by acne, insect bites, poison ivy and allergies. All you need to do is to message and rub a little Listerine into an itchy or irritated skin to instant get relief.

9.) Dandruff Remover

Besides shampooing and conditioning your hair, you can also use Listerine to prevent dandruff by messaging it into your scalp. Spray equal measure of half Listerine and half water in your head and rub.

10.) Use as After Shave

Listerine has essential oils that will make your skin soft. So if you use it as an after shave cream it will soothe the razor burn and prevent any infection.

11.) Safe Tick Removal

If a tick is stuck in your skin, just soak a ball of cotton in Listerine and hold down on the tick. After a few seconds, it will fall off.

12.) Clean the Humidifier

Use it to disinfect and clean you humidifier

13.) Aftercare for Piercing

To prevent any infection and to quicken the healing of piercing, you should use a generous dab of Listerine on fresh piercing

14.) Insect Sting’s First Aid

When bees or wasp sting you, dab on the spot to kill the pain

15.) Treatment for Plant Soil

If you have ever noticed fungal or mildew growth on the soil in your house plant, you can kill the fungi by using Listerine. Mix three parts water and one part Listerine in a spray bottle and where you notice the problem on the surface of the soil, spray the solution. Don’t use the solution to water the plants because all you want to do is to spray the soil’s surface.

16.) Cleaner for the Bathroom

Listerine is effective for cleaning and disinfecting all the surfaces in the bathroom. Do not think that it is just a mouthwash because if you want to add shine and sparkle to all the non-porous surfaces, this is the stuff to use. It also kills germs.

17.) Disinfectant for Toothbrush

When you soak toothbrush in Listerine overnight, you clean and disinfect them.

18.) Trash Can Odor Neutralizer

To eliminate the bad odor from the trash can in the kitchen, you can place a wet paper towel soaked in Listerine at the bottom of the can. To neutralize the odor all day long, let the towel remain damp with Listerine.

19.) Replacement for Deodorant

As a replacement for deodorant, you can use Listerine to kill the bad germs in your armpits. Just soak a gauze pad or cotton in Listerine and rub it under your arms.

20.) Prolongs the Life of a Flower

When you add 2 tablespoons to a gallon of water, it makes cut flowers to last longer

21.) Topical Antiseptic for Blisters

It prevents infections when you apply it to blisters.

22.) Disinfect and Clean Your Toilet

When you pour about ½ cup of Listerine into your toilet bowl and then you scrub using a brush as you always do, it will help to clean your toilet. Before you flush the toilet, allow it to sit for half an hour.

23.) Remove Garbage Disposal Odor

To kill the germs that cause odor in your garbage disposal, just pour ½ cup of Listerine into you garbage disposal and leave it for 20 minutes. The odor will go away.

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