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Preventive Pest Control: 10 Brilliant Ways to Keep Bugs Out of Your Home

preventive pest control

No one wants pests in their home, but they always find ways inside. Fleas, ants, roaches, and mosquitos? Yuck!

When pests enter your home, most people take to pest killers. But these products contain harmful chemicals.

They do a great job of killing pests. But they could also hurt you, your children, and your pets.

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Did you ever think the products in your cleaning cabinet are pest killers? These products are just as good as the harmful ones but are a lot safer.

Here are 10 preventive pest control methods to effectively and safely kill off those pesky pests. Next time you see gross bugs, kill them off with these simple products.

1.) Salt Your Carpet

Salt naturally kills off fleas. Put salt on your carpet and let it sit for a day or two before vacuuming.

2.) Starve Roaches

You will be surprised what roaches like to eat. Make sure there are no leaks so they become dehydrated. Make sure there are no food crumbs lying around and grease is cleaned up.

3.) Find the Ant Nest

Finding the ant nest is the best way to destroy them, but wear protective clothing: ant bites hurt. Only destroy the nest if the natural remedies haven’t worked.

4.) Natural Roach Bait

You can easily make your own roach bait. Use a combination of borax and sugar, and lay the mixture evenly where the roaches are infesting.

5.) Deter Roaches with Mint

Since roaches are tougher to kill, you may have to put some extra work in when creating a natural product.

But roaches hate mint. If you find roaches, combat them with peppermint oil. You can also pour or spray peppermint mouthwash on them.

6.) Naturally Bait & Trap Ants

You can easily make a homemade trap. Combine water, sugar, and borax. Boil and stir.

Pour the concoction on a plate and lay on the floor. This forms a sticky paste; the ants will be attracted by the sugar, but they won’t be able to leave.

7.) Use Dishwashing Detergent

Like all of the harmful preventive pest control poisons on the shelf, dishwashing detergent works as a poison against fleas. However, it’s harmless to you, your family, and your pets.

8.) Wash and Vacuum the House

When you see fleas, you focus on killing the living insect. But you don’t think about killing their larvae. The minute you spot fleas, rush into spring cleaning mode.

9.) Other Household Products That Kill Ants

These include cinnamon, cinnamon oil, baking soda, lemon, lemon juice, and vinegar.

10.) You Can Create a Flea Spray — Naturally

You do this by combining apple cider vinegar and water in equal amounts. You can add lemongrass to cut the vinegar smell — it also works as a flea killer.

Protect Your Home with Natural Preventive Pest Control

You can easily keep pests at bay with products you already have in your house.

Ants, fleas, and roaches hate certain household products. Bait, trap and kill them off with products that are effective but safe for you and your family.

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Written by Cary Byrd

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