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What’s a Reflexology Ear Chart and How Do You Use It?


Are you familiar with the many benefits of reflexology? Research suggests the practice has many benefits including organ health, pain reduction, and increased relaxation.

Within the large practice of reflexology, ear pressure points is a great place to start.

Are you interested in experiencing some of the benefits from ear pressure points? Keep reading below to learn all about the reflexology ear chart and how to use it.

The Basics

Ear reflexology is the practice of using pressure point in the ear to heal other parts of the body.

The practice has been part of Chinese medicine for a long time and is frequently used to achieve deep relaxation.

Reading a Chart

Once you decide you are interested in reflexology, be sure to find a reflexology ear chart. It can be helpful to have on hand in case you forget a pressure point while practicing it.

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Free Reflexology Ear Chart by WiseOwlRemedies.com

You likely will notice that the points correspond to an upside down image of the human body in the fetal position.

Get in Position

To get the most out of reflexology, try to be seated in a quiet and calm room. Go somewhere you will not be interrupted. Be sure to turn your phone off as well.

Sit upright in a comfortable chair that will allow you easy access to your ears. If you would like, play soft calming music or even turn out a white noise machine.

Prepare Ears

Before jumping right into touching and massaging the pressure points, it’s a good idea to prepare your ears. Start near the bottom with the lobes and press using your thumb and index finger.

Gently tub, stopping if you feel pain. Take this time to look for any sensitive areas. Massaging your pressure points should never cause discomfort or pain.

Avoid these while practicing reflexology.

Massage the Pressure Points

Now it’s time to move into massaging the points relating to the areas you are struggling with. One common focal point is the back and shoulders. This pressure point is at the top of your ear, by the tip.

Having trouble with sinuses and your throat? Seek out the pressure point on the lower inside part of the ear. Doing this is one of many methods to relieve sinus pressure.

You can massage ear pressure points for a few minutes or up to thirty minutes. For sore areas like shoulders, spend more time on those trigger points.

Grab Your Reflexology Ear Chart & Get Started

As you can see, it is easy to grab a reflexology chart and find your way to relaxation and health through pressure points. When incorporated into a daily regimen, you will discover newfound health

Planning on getting started? Here’s how ear reflexology can soothe your ailments…

And if you are looking for other ways to improve your health, be sure to check out these natural, herbal remedies!

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