10 Unexpected Uses for Rubbing Alcohol That You Need to Know

rubbing alcohol uses

Finding unexpected or uncommon health uses for everyday household objects can save you time and money and may lead to the discovery of a new favorite remedy or cure.

Rubbing alcohol is one of those household staples that does so much more than we often realize, and has surprising health benefits that could improve your quality of life.

Read on to learn about unexpected rubbing alcohol uses, the benefits of this product and the ways you can incorporate it into your health routine.

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Create Your Own Ice Pack

1.) Using an ice pack as cold therapy is a great way to treat the pain that comes from aching joints or tendons. When applied to a painful area, the cold from an ice pack reduces blood flow which reduces inflammation and swelling and leads to relief.

Unfortunately, some commercial ice packs don’t shape to your body which can make it hard to actually apply the cold to the affected area. Even the flexible ice packs that you can buy in the store can have drawbacks, like being expensive or not getting as cold with continued use.

A DIY ice pack is a cheap way to make an ice pack that will always fit to your body and treat the inflamed area. It’s one of our favorite surprising rubbing alcohol uses.

Mix rubbing alcohol with water in a sealable plastic bag and keep it in your freezer until it’s needed. When you’re done, there’s no need to refreeze it. Since the ingredients are so inexpensive and readily available, you can throw the old one out and start again.

Use as an Ingredient in a More Natural Deodorant

2.) One of the best health tips if you’re trying to avoid deodorants that use aluminum as one of the components, is to mix rubbing alcohol with essential oils to create a deodorant that smells great, keeps you dry and is effective without using harsh ingredients.

The easiest way to apply this homemade deodorant is with a clean spray bottle. First, add drops of your favorite essential oil to the bottom of the bottle, then fill the rest of the way is isopropyl alcohol.

Spray on your underarms before getting dressed and you can leave the house feeling confident that you’re odor-free.

Heal and Treat a Range of Minor Ailments

One of the well known rubbing alcohol uses is as an antiseptic to disinfect cuts and scrapes. There are other minor ailments that can be relieved by using it:

3.) Treat head lice by applying to hair

4.) Massage into aching muscles to soothe pain

5.) Rub on mosquito bites to calm itchiness and irritation

6.) Combat nail fungus by soaking affected area in isopropyl alcohol

7.) You can use rubbing alcohol to de-garlic your hands in the kitchen!

8.) Spray your mattress will rubbing alcohol to kill bed bugs on contact

9.) Combine with vinegar on a soft cloth and use to remove excess ear wax

10.) Dab on to cold sources to reduce their appearance and relieve discomfort

*Bonus: Remove ticks by rubbing the surrounding area before using tweezers to discard the bug

Here’s Some More Nifty Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

Share Your Thoughts on Rubbing Alcohol Uses

Because rubbing alcohol is so versatile and so affordable, having a bottle on hand at all times may lead you to discover even more uses for it around the house and as a part of your health and beauty routine.

While these are our favorite rubbing alcohol uses, we’d love to discover more.

If you have a tip you’d like to share or an unexpected use for rubbing alcohol that you’d like to recommend, please share it in the comments below.

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