How Listening to Sleep Music Can Help You Get a Good Night Rest

sleep music

The right kind of music can help you relax and set you up for a perfect night’s sleep. Forget the warm milk and the aid of pills. Sleep music is taking over as the best natural remedy for restlessness.

A quick search shows that listening to music while sleeping is becoming increasingly popular. There are tons of playlists with music specifically made for relaxation and sleep.

How does falling asleep to music actually benefit the night’s rest you get? Read on to find out!

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Beats Per Minute

As you start drifting off to sleep, your heart rate begins to drop. An average person’s heart rate drops by about 24 beats a minute per night.

How does this intertwine with sleep music? The best music to sleep to has been found to be around 60 beats per minute. This is about the same beat as the heart rate slows down to each night.

The music will help to move your heart rate slower and slower to get to the optimum level.

Health & Planning

For some, sleep music may not work well. Check with a doctor to see if you have problems such as calcium deficiency. These issues can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

When attempting to fall asleep to music, it is important to avoid wearing earbuds or headphones. If you end up rolling over, you may hurt your ear canal in the process.

The use of music to help sleep is not an immediate process. Instead, it may take up to 45 minutes of relaxation. Plan ahead to be able to fully incorporate relaxation and music into your sleep routine.

Types of Music

Your choice is sleep music may vary. Here are some simple yet great choices to consider listening to:

Ambient Music – Much like nature sounds, ambient music is gentle and directed towards calming and relaxation. Ambient music is mainly used for meditation and helps to induce sleep.

Nature Sounds – The soothing roll of ocean waves or gentle pitter-patter of rain is often a great choice for relaxation. The repetition of sounds can help to distract your thoughts and calm your mind.

Classical Music – Often instrumental, these tracks are found to be great for sleep. Avoid the upbeat compositions and try to lower your heart rate with something slow.

Audiobooks & Podcasts – Some find that falling asleep to the sound of people’s voices is the best. Instead of choosing a book you are familiar with or interested in reading, opt for something that does not require you to follow along. I find listening to an audiobook of the Bible can really help you in more ways than one!

Sleep Music & Other Remedies

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