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clogged toilet solutions

Here’s 5 Genius Ways to Unclog Your Toilet Without a Plunger

There's only one way to describe a clogged toilet, and that's gross. Overflowing water with undesirable things in it spilling out onto your floor is a visual that inspires shudders. Unfortunately, sometimes a...
diy jewelry cleaner

Make Your Jewelry Sparkle with This DIY Jewelry Cleaner (+ 6 tips)

Even if you don't wear jewelry every day, it's going to end up needing to be cleaned. Oil from your skin and lotion residue can build up. And some materials tarnish...
rubbing alcohol uses

10 Unexpected Uses for Rubbing Alcohol That You Need to Know

Finding unexpected or uncommon health uses for everyday household objects can save you time and money and may lead to the discovery of a new favorite remedy or cure. Rubbing alcohol is one of...

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