10 Surprising Uses for Chapstick Nobody Ever Told You

uses for chapstick

Most of us have a tube or two of lip balm around as a go-to lip care product. But did you know that there are many more uses for chapstick than just a dry lip cure?

Chapstick, in its handy twist-up tube, is a little jack-of-all-trades. It definitely earns a place in the home hacks hall of fame.

Read on to learn 10 surprising uses for chapstick.

1.) Hair Coloring Help

Choosing a great new hair color is fun, but the messy process isn’t always so great. To prevent dye from staining your skin, apply a generous layer of chapstick along your hairline. This prevents the color from staining your skin.

2.) Shoe Shine Touch-Ups

For the occasional nick or scratch, keep a tube of chapstick around for a shoe shine touch-up. The moisturizing balm erases small scuffs and scratches like magic.

3.) Get Your Zipper Moving

Whether it’s your coat or your purse, a zipper that is stiff or stuck is a major annoyance. To get that zipper moving again, rub chapstick into its teeth. This waterproofing lubricant will keep your zipper functioning smoothly.

4.) Get a Smoky Eye Effect

To achieve the trendy smoky eye look without the powdery mess on your cheeks, you can create your own special, smudgeable eyeshadow with chapstick. Simply mix your favorite eyeshadow with the balm and apply around the eyes.

5.) Moisturize Your Cuticles

Dry, peeling, and sore cuticles are uncomfortable and unsightly. Heal them and prevent further damage with a daily application of chapstick.

6.) Protect Your Pup’s Paw Pads

We often forget that our dog’s feet need protection, especially if they’re active, working dogs or if it’s cold and dry out.

Chapstick is a quick and convenient way to protect those puppy paws. Apply a generous amount to the pads of your dog’s feet daily.

7.) Smooth Eyebrows and Flyaways

If your unruly brows or hair need a quick fix, chapstick is the answer.

Brows can be easily tamed with a quick swipe of chapstick.

Unruly hairs beware! Keep flyaway hairs in their place with a light application of chapstick to frizzy spots.

8.) Prevent Blisters from Your Shoes

Friction caused by shoe rubbing is painful and usually happens at the most inconvenient times. To reduce this friction, apply a layer of chapstick to the affected area. This adds a layer of lubrication and protection to prevent blisters.

9.) Heal and Soothe a Dry, Peeling Nose

Sometimes your nose can become sore and dry from using tissues after you’ve been sick or had allergies. Applying a bit of balm around the nostrils helps to heal a sore nose.

10.) Ring Stuck? Chapstick to the Rescue!

We’ve all been there – you wear a ring that’s too small or you sleep while wearing a ring and your fingers swell. That ring won’t budge! Try rubbing chapstick around the ring. You should then be able to pull it off.

There Are Many Uses For Chapstick

Chapstick is your new inexpensive fix-all. It’s a great solution for many home, beauty, and pet needs.

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