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15 Unbelievable Uses for Coca Cola — Proof It Doesn’t Belong in Your Body

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Stopping your consumption of Coke is one of the best health decisions you can make. The ways this liquid harms your body is insane. Not to mention the supposed “healthier” diet version is not any better at all.

Although drinking this sugary beverage is not in your best interest, did you know that there are other surprising uses for Coca Cola?

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1.) Toilet Cleaner

Pour some Coca-cola around the toilet bowl, including the rim and then let it sit for at least an hour. After that, just flush the toilet. It may take a couple of times before all of the stains are removed.

2.) Strip Off Paint

If there’s a piece of furniture you want to repaint, don’t bother with expensive paint removers. Use Coke instead.

Soak a towel in the beverage and put it over the painted area. It only has to stay for a short while before you’ll be able to peel the paint straight off. It’s one of the more surprising uses for Coca Cola, but it works.

3.) Rust Removal

The acid inside of Coca-cola can dissolve rust. Soak your rusty objects, such as pennies or nails, for a whole day. Then you can rinse them off and wipe them clean, and they’ll be as good as new.

4.) Chrome Shiner

You can clean chromed wheels with some Coca-cola and aluminum foil. Using the two together and make those wheels shine once more.

5.) Polishing Silver

Have some tarnished silver? Soak the object in some Cola for a couple of minutes before rinsing and wiping it clean.

The silver will no longer have those built-up stains.

6.) Clear Away Gum

This popular fizzy drink is great at getting gum off of things. A small amount is all you need.

Just put a little down at the sticky spot and let it soak, then simply wipe away the gum. It works even in your hair.

7.) Oil Spill Clean Up

Use a bottle of Coke directly on an oil spill and let it soak for a couple of hours before rinsing it away.

The beverage and the oil will be gone.

8.) Tile Grout Cleaner

Pour some Coca-cola straight onto your tiled floor and let it seep in for a few minutes before wiping it away.

You’ll have nice clean tile grout again. Don’t worry, the Coca-cola won’t stain your floor.

9.) Scour a Car Battery

First, make sure your car is off before continuing. Then you can pour some Cola on the battery connections to help clean away any kind of corrosion that could be causing problems with your car.

10.) Burnt Pan Detergent

There’s no need to use elbow-grease to clean severely burnt cooking pans. Soak those pans in some Coke and those hard-to-remove pieces will fall off with ease.

11.) Skunk Smell Eliminator

Letting Coca-cola soak into skin or fur that has seen the bad side of a skunk can help eliminate the foul odor. Just let it soak and then rinse the beverage and the terrible smell away.

12.) Remove Grease Stains

Adding in a can of Coke into your normal washing detergent can make those stubborn grease stains disappear. It can also help get rid of other stains, such as ones caused by blood or asphalt.

13.) Kitchen Cleaning Agent

There’s no need for expensive or potentially harmful chemicals. Just use some Coca-cola and a kitchen cloth to clean up your counters easily.

14.) Tarnished Copper Cleanser

Just dip a polishing cloth in some Cola and use it to polish away all of the stains on your copper objects.

15.) Remove Scaling From Kettles

Boil up some Coca-cola in your scaled kettle, and then scrub it clean. Make sure to rinse it before you use it next.

Uses for Coca Cola: More Varied Than You’d Think!

It is mind-blowing to learn all of the many cleaning uses for Coca Cola and what it actually does to your body.

If you never drink another sip of this liquid, you’ll never have to worry about what awful things it’s doing to your body. You won’t need to get rid of all those extra calories by doing extra working outs or by taking a hot bath.

Your body will thank you for skipping this particular beverage.

Instead, use it as a supremely versatile cleaning detergent.

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