14 Brilliant Uses for Ziplock Bags That Will Make Your Life Easier

uses for ziplock bags

If you’re just using ziplock bags for food storage, you are missing half the fun!

That simple little bag has a surprisingly complex design.

Make sure you are making the most of the best-kept secret in your kitchen drawer. Try out these amazing uses for your ziplocks:

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1.) Keep It Cool

One of the best home remedies is having ice on hand to reduce swelling. There’s no need to splurge on expensive ice packs either.

Fill some ziplocks with water and throw them in the freezer. You’ll have them ready and on hand to take care of that next sprained ankle.

2.) Make It Pretty

We love those gorgeous cakes everyone is making. Forget the expensive piping tools.

Use a ziplock filled with frosting and cut a small hole — you’ll be able to make beautiful lines and great designs.

3.) Travel in Style

Put your shoes in ziplocks before packing.

You won’t transfer dirt and debris to your clothes before you arrive.

4.) Make a Funnel

Speaking of keeping things clean in the kitchen — a ziplock can avoid spills all over. Cut a small hole in the bottom of one bag and you’ll find pouring liquids, cereal, and all sorts of kitchen needs is that much easier.

You can even make a funnel for helping store craft goods in containers.

5.) Sort Your Meds

Whether you want to sort meds by day, or prep for a trip, a ziplock saves the day.

6.) Make Potpourri

A ziplock plus your favorite spices and scents will keep any room smelling fresh.

Just fill to your liking and poke some holes in the bag.

7.) A Better Shower

Your shower head needs a cleaning. Fill a ziplock with white vinegar and let the shower head soak overnight. Tada, nice and shiny!

8.) Organize the Junk

How are all those wires and connectors doing in your junk drawer?

Place those extra wires in ziplocks and they won’t tangle — plus you can mark them for extra organization.

9.) Stop the Shedding

We love Angola and mohair sweaters, scarves, and everything! But we hate the shedding.

Fold your favorites up, put in a ziplock, and freeze. No more shedding.

10.) Delicious Marinade

Your marinade needs to be perfectly blended and mixed as much as possible. Use a ziplock as your marinade bag and you can shake it up and store it.

11.) Make Your Shoes Fit

Are your favorite new shoes pinching a bit? Put a ziplock in them and fill with water.

Place the shoes in the freezer overnight. The ice will stretch them out enough to make a great difference.

12.) Recharge Your Blues

If your favorite bluejeans are losing their superpowers it is time for a recharge.

Fold them up in a ziplock and freeze them to remove all the bad odors and your denim’s dye won’t fade.

13.) Make Up With Your Makeup Bag

If you are like us, your makeup bag can get gross.

Keep it clean by lining your favorite makeup bag with a ziplock.

14.) Protect Your Smartphone or Tablet

Have you been creating Pinterest-worthy recipes in the kitchen? The problem with following along with those directions in the kitchen is your technology could be at risk.

Nothing creates an emergency trip to the Apple Store like a dollop of marinade on your iPhone. Keep those tech goodies safe in the kitchen with a ziplock.

*Bonus: Start a Fire With Ziplock Bags

Ziplock bags won’t just help you with a number of items around the home. How about this extra tip? They can even help you start a fire.

Fill a bag with water and let it magnify the sunlight. Point that at your small twigs and paper and you are on your way to a blaze.

You will be cooking gourmet treats on the trailside of your next camping trip in no time.

Check out our food tips for even more cheats to help you make every meal more delicious.

Do You Have Any Unusual Uses for Ziplock Bags?

If so, scroll down and leave them in the comments section below!

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Written by Cary Byrd

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